We try by all means to supply the best service possible to please our users.

However MakerLab doesn’t compromise itself to deliver nothing more then the services we preform. By other words, the MakerLab service is exactly what it is, nothing more should be expected.

That way, in a way that no law be broken, we exclude any guaranties about our service.


MarkLab will not assume any responsibility for any direct or indirect harm or loss, profit or financial losses, or losses of any other kind that a user can possible have for any reason.

Any complains regarding losses connected with the terms hereby presented, is limited for the amount the user has paid for the service, if he have paid some amount, and only if after an accurate analysis made by MakerLab it is consider that some fail or fault on the service provided has in fact occur.

In any way, no more that the amount paid by the user could be asked to MakerLabe and even that only if the problem was not generate by some kind of use that was not reasonably predictable by the user.

About our terms

MakerLab can change this terms by it own will whenever it feels appropriate.

The user should consult this terms regularly in order to be aware of any change that MakerLab can introduce.

All the changes will be announced with at least 5 working days before they enter into force.

If any user doesn’t agree with the terms in force after any change, he should abandon the service.

If there is some kind of conflict between this terms and any additional terms referring some special services, the additional terms will prevail over the terms hereby stated.

If some of this terms are against any law of any country, the legislation will always prevail over this terms.

If any legal dispute may occur, the declared court to settle it will be the Braga court, Portugal.

By using MakerLab services platform all users are accepting unconditionally this terms and the way and court to settle them.